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2007 Team High Graduation

TEAM High School is the "other" high school in the Woodland School District that meets in a portable structure located on the Woodland Primary School campus. The facility has two classrooms, each with computer and Internet access. Dan Uhlenkott is the Principal, Jim Avino is the full-time certificated teacher, and Jacqui Clevenger serves as the full-time instructional aide.

The mission of Woodland TEAM High is to provide a different path for students to experience success and accomplishment in school, preparing them to hold a productive place in their communities. Students attend one of three daily sessions of two hours, and contract to do another 17 hours of home study each week. Any absences must be made up. Obviously, from looking at this schedule, most of the work completed is done with self-discipline and without direct supervision. In addition, a majority of these students work part-time or full-time.

We're very proud of the class of 2007 from TEAM High!

Speakers for the graduation ceremony were: Bethanne Peterson, Hannah Ritter, and Kyle Utely.

Here are the comments from Jim Avino, teacher at TEAM High as they received their diplomas:

Casandara Swingler: She has met incredible challenges in order to reach graduation. This coming fall, she will be entering the Washington State Police academy, and continue boxing. She really impressed us this year with her determination and grit, on top of all this is her bravery, which makes her an outstanding person and I believe that is what will make her succeed in life.

Nichole Bryant: Nichole has completed her credits with TEAM, she has also completed the Dental Assistant program at the Skill Center. This combination will allow her to work in the dental field and support baby Madison.

Tabby Williams: Tabitha has been working full-time this year, she has also become involved with importing pearls from China. She has already obtained a business license. She plans to attend college in the fall and earn a business degree from Portland State University.

Kathleen Landels: This girl is a four-year TEAM student, she has been with us here at TEAM High for the past four years now. She has grown with our program, believe it or not, she used to be quiet and shy. She is now a strong, confident person who is ready to begin her college education in the field of Film Study, so we expect to see her movies someday.

Kyle Utely: Obviously, Kyle and I had created a special bond and will miss each other. Kyle has been a joy to teach over the last three years. Next year he will be attending Wyoming Tech and participating the Diesel Mechanics program. After mechanics school, he may enter the military, or he may just move the Yurt in Nepal and commune with the universe.

Brian Stevens: Brian plans to go to school to train as a CAD engineer. And I know if he puts his mind to it, he will succeed.

Bethanne Peterson: Bethanne Analisa Peterson graduated with a 3.75 average, the highest ever received through TEAM High. Since the year has started, Betty has experienced many changes, as a matter of fact, the last few days she has spent house-hunting with her new husband. Betty is one of my four-year students; all of her work has been superior, but more importantly, she has been a caring, hard-working, wonderful kid. Betty plans to go to PCC to learn American Sign Language so she can be an interpreter in the medical field. Obviously, Betty will be greatly missed.

Lauren Turner: Lauren Turner has worked extremely hard and with great pride for the last three years. In that time she has made great strides in her school work and in her life. She plans to continue school in college, where she will succeed.

Jessica Miller: We just can't talk about Jessica, without talking about Lauren. Together they have constantly provided the strength of friendship. Jessica is extremely intelligent and she will also succeed in college next year.

Hannah Ritter: Hannah has faced and overcome extreme challenges. She entered TEAM this year as a Junior and proceeded to blow the school away academically. She took great pride in her work, and she has set a great example for the younger students. This coming summer she will be entering Beauty School and plans to get a job in a salon, and then use that money to get a business degree in college, and then start her own business. We will miss her greatly!

Chris Tyler: Chris is an honest, hard-working kid. He plans to find a full-time job immediately after school, but is also interested in going to college someday.

Eric Hamblin: Eric is talented, intelligent, and skilled. He plans to use these attributes to pursue a career in music. Eric has enrolled into Clark College's exclusive music program. He has already been a part of numerous bands and I'm sure we will be hearing from him in the future.

Tony Hamblin: Tony plans to build a career in music. But he is also interested in pursuing opportunities outside of music. He is an independent thinker with a wicked sense of humor. He will shine bright where-ever his star shall shoot.

Audra Clarck: Audra is another four-year student. She has already grown tremendously during that time. She has already attended Clark College and worked full-time as a paralegal. Her academic skills are excellent, but her people skills especially regarding communication and reaching people are what make her shine. Combined with her independence and determination she can't miss! Next year she would like to return to college and work towards being a Pediatrician.

Felicia Jones: Felicia caught fire once she decided to join the Marines. For the last twelve weeks this tough kid has punched her way to a diploma. Our country's future just got a little safer with her graduation. I'm proud to have her serving our country.

Glen Shumaker: Glen knows how to work. He entered TEAM needing to accomplish our toughest classes and he was able to pass them with high grades. Glen will make his future bosses very happy.

Sonia Staats: If ever a person was made for attending college, then it is Sonia. Her academic ability can be matched with any senior in Woodland. She has realized this fact and is now planning to attend Clark College in the fall for two years and then enter the Portland Art Institute design program.

Mandy Johnson: Mandy has faced many challenges during her two years at TEAM. She never let those challenges get in her way of earning her diploma. Next year she plans to continue working full-time. Mandy's energy and personality will carry her far in the future.

Kyle Belenski: Kyle has bore down and reached his goal of graduation. He has the ability to concentrate well even when all about him is chaos. I predict that this skill, along with his mental acuity, will lead him places.

SPEECH: Usually, I don't give a speech at graduation, but this is my 21st graduation as a teacher or student, and this is a group I won't forget. They all deserve cheers. I want to take a chance to recognize the students that have spent the majority of their high school career over the last four years with me: Audra Clarck, Tony and Eric Hamblin, Kathleen Landels, Lauren Turner, Jessica Miller, and Bethanne Peterson. I will miss you all and I hope I have served you well, now go out and show the world what you have learned! (Joke: And I guess the rest of you weren't so bad, either.)

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