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North West Air Dogs returning to Horseshoe lake

Washington’s own Northwest version of Dock Jumping competitions

Woodland WA, – Back by popular demand to Horseshoe lake in Woodland WA.

Dock jumping for dogs is fast becoming one of America's most popular outdoor events! Pets compete for distance, diving from a 40' dock into a body of water. No other outdoor event brings families together better or puts more smiles on faces than Dock Jumping events. Proud pet owners travel to these events from all over the region to compete. It's an incredible new sport that everyone loves!

Anyone With a Dog and a Ball or Toy Can Compete! A big part of the appeal of this sport is its accessibility. You don’t need a high priced purebred dog or extensive training. It is an exciting family event for all ages. Dogs compete by running down a dock platform and jumping into a pool of water after a toy that the owner throws in front of them. The distance is measured by numbers on the side of the pool. It's similar to track and field's long jump event, and it is now growing in popularity, with competitions throughout the country. Children surround the splash zone as competitors prepared their dogs for the jumps called splashes. With teams ranging from all sorts of breeds, styles and backgrounds, the jam-packed crowd cheers with excitement as the teams jumped farther and farther.

"Dock jumping is another sport that promotes getting out with your dogs, which is what Northwest AirDogs is all about. Some competitors take it seriously while others compete just for fun. All breeds of dogs are welcome to compete at NW AirDogs events and most events have several classes, including a fun class, to accommodate the range of abilities.

Tips to help your dog want to make the plunge

  • Begin by teaching your dog to fetch a ball or toy in shallow water.
  • Roll the ball, allowing your dog to catch it a few times before rolling it into the water.
  • Help your dog develop jump height by making a hurdle for dry land practice sessions.
  • Encourage your dog to catch the ball in the air.
  • Never push or force your dog into the water-- the event should be fun for both of you.
  • Give your dog plenty of praise and reward him as he learns.

Special Note:

This event will be a fundraiser for the Children s Autism society of Washington. Northwest AirDogs is committed to helping our children in any way possible. Bryan Miller founder of the organization stated that he is about to climb into a ring and take on Randy Couture the former UFC Heavy weight and Light Weight Champion of the World!! He will be accepting donations for his efforts with 100% of collected pledges going to the childrens Autism foundation. (Not his doctor bills). "This is by far my most insane stunt to date" stated Bryan," I will head to Las Vegas to train with Randy for 1 hour. Followed by one 5 minute round where I will most likely be in survival mode." Jokes Bryan. "He is a Big and Bad dude". "He beats up people for a living and is the best at it.!! When asked how he felt, Bryan stated ' "Scared, Nervous, Anxious,Scared. It will be a unforgettable experience for sure.OH yea !

The official date is yet to be set Donations are gladely accepted.

To help sponsor Bryan in his quest to be the ULTIMATE fighter Suggested Donations are:
$1.00 - $50 per second or minute till he is either KO'd or Submitted. 100% of your tax deductible sponsored money will be allocated to the Childrens Autism foundation.

Horseshoe lake event info:
DATES & TIMES: Saturday, October 10- 11 2009 10 a.m. - 5 p.m
PLACE: Horseshoe Lake, Woodland Washington
ADMISSION: Free for spectators
$10 splash fee for dogs competing in the dock jumping competition.

Competitors may pre register online at Registration available on site at event also.

Contact information
Phone: 360-907-7239

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