Woodland Historical Museum Society

Letter from Orvie N. Jensen

Dear Ms. Card; First, let me introduce myself. I am Orvie Jensen, nephew of the late Herb Jensen of Jensen & Grove Logging. I pretty much grew up in the Woodland area, so have a keen interest in the area. My great grandmother, Lydia Runyon, was the first white woman to settle the upper Lewis River. My Great Uncle was Orva Runyon, whom I was named after, built and ran the Ariel Store.

Now, having said all that, has a Woodland Museum been established yet? I was looking at the internet and came across the web page on Woodland and found your email address and read the minutes of the museum committee meeting. I have several items that should be in the Woodland Museum, one item is the original homestead patent issued to Indian Geroge for his homestead. My great grandparents bought it from him. I also have a photograph of the original Ariel School, with the identity of the teacher identified. Anyway, my mother through the years had collected a lot of these old things and I inherited them. I don't have anybody that is interested in keeping them, so when the Woodland Museum is established I will bring these things down and present them.


Orvie N. Jensen

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