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Letter from Lois Backman Repoz

March 2, 2006

My Great Grandfather is George John Fake Backman who settled in Chelatchie Prairie before Statehood. His wife was Elizabeth "Clara" Hargrove.

George died June 14, 1902. I fear he and Clara are buried in the cemetery that is being destroyed. Just up the Lewis River off Backman Rd. It is an old pioneer gravesite with only a couple readable stones. I haven't been able to find George or his wife. Such a shame as it is a beautiful spot on a hill overlooking the river. Is there anything being done or can relatives help in someway to preserve the pioneer name of George Backman and his wife?

I have no obit or even death records for George or Clara.

If your library, museum has a file on The Backmans I'd appreciate knowing about it. We can trace George's Backman family back to 1600's Switzerland and yet I can't find records on George in my own state!!

I do have copies of stories Woodland Memories #3 Vol 33 1990 Historical Newsletter

    2. Clark County Pioneers Through the Turn of the Century (Clark Co. Genealogical Society)
    3. and yours: Early Families in Woodland Community 1850 Part II

Thanks for your interest in promoting history and family stories, Judy.

Lois Backman Repoz (graduated from Kalama High School 1959)

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