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Amboy Territorial Days
Logging Show
Chuck Campbell - 2008 Bull of the Woods

Click to enlargeCharles "Chuck" Campbell is the Bull of the woods for 2008. Chuck is a quiet even tempered man with a soft heart and love of his family. Chuck was born in Vancouver, ,Wa. on July 3, 1936. He has lived in Amboy his entire life. He went to Chalatchie Prairie School and then to Amboy School and went a short while to Battle Ground High School. At the age of 18 he went to work for the US Forest Service fighting forest fires and planting trees. Later he went to work for the International Paper Co. in Chelatchie Prairie. About the time he married Margaret "Marge" Schultz in 1965 he began falling trees.

During his years as a timber faller he fell many an old growth tree, some ranging in size from 6' to 10' in diameter. The picture is taken in the 1980ís on Dunnigan Mountain just a little north east of Amboy. In the picture Chuck is holding a Stihl Saw with a 60" bar and standing on an old growth stump. During his years working as a timber faller he was able to work mostly in this SW area of Washington. He worked for many loggers in this area, such as Wilson & Sutton, Baker & Brown, Abernathy Logging, Ben Thomas and Jenson & Grove Logging. None of these logging Companies are in business today.

While working for Jensen & Grove he was hurt in a logging accident in May of 1987 and was forced to retire. Chuck was falling a snag tree and the snag fell on a fallen log and catapulted up and hit him in the back. He suffers from constant pain from this injury to this day. But he never complains.

Chuck and Marge have 3 children all living in the Amboy area. They also have 8 grandchildren. Their oldest son, Clifford and his wife Carrie have run the Amboy Territorial Days Log Show for 10 years.

Nancy Catania ,their daughter, is on the board of directors of Territorial Days park along with Carrie and Cliff. Marvin their middle child participates every year in the log show . All three of their off springs along with some of the grandkids compete each year. This is a real generational thing with the Campbell family. During the developing of the present log arena in the late 70's Chuck fell the trees for the project.

In Chuck's retirement he likes to hunt, fish, dig clams, work in his yard and take trips in his RV with his wife and dog Tuffy. Chuck takes great pride in his yard . There is never a weed, or grass blade out of place or a mole hill to be seen. One weekend when he and Marge where away his kids were going to put a pile of dirt on his lawn so he would think that he had a mole. They wanted to see how fast he would react to cleaning up the dirt but in the end they decided that was just to cruel of a joke.

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