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Make a Difference Day

Fall Greetings to you all
Another beautification project:
Its National "Make a Difference Day"
When: Sat October 23
What: We are joining together in Ridgefield to (the theme) "Bring Ridgefield's Historic Cemetery Back to Life" ! :)
Who: Volunteers including you & families & scouts, & a work crew & the City & Me!
Where: Ridgefield's Cemetery.....off Hillhurst on 9th Ct.
What do we need?: shovels, rakes, trimmers, lg shearers, tractors, pickups, chainsaws, weedeaters (all garden tools) note: please mark any tools you bring
Why: We will remove invasive plant species: Ivy, Blackberries, Hawthorne; Trim trees of (bad) branches, remove dead trees, Cut large wood to move to Abrams Park, chip all woody debris, rake, trim along grave markers, and remove all garbage - ETC!
Lunch is provided .....(by Mayers Meats, Odwalla Beverages) ......treats welcome
All invited
So lets "Make a Difference" together in our wonderful community!
And Thanks....see you there!

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