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"Harvest in the Vineyard" festival at Confluence Vineyards and Winery, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 23-24th, 12-6 pm, features local Artisan Wares, Food, Music, Wine, and Wine making demonstrations, pumpkins for the kids! Information: confluencewine@aol.com.

Pacific NW Best Fish is hosting an Oktoberfest celebration this evening, October 22, from 4 to 7pm. Cooking demo with Muffin of Le Sous Chef, wine tasting with Hip Chicks do Wine and a beer by the glass booth ( also looking into live music for the patio). Information Kelly, 887-4094, www.pacificnwbest.com

"Make a Difference Day" is tomorrow, Saturday, October 23. Our project is 'Bringing Ridgefield's Cemetery Back to Life', and will start at 9 am. Volunteers will help clean up invasive plants, trim and clean around gravestones, etc.

Bring gardening utensils (marked with your name), water in your own container (I am totally against using bottled water) and join your neighbors in this community project. Lunch and beverages will be provided. If you'd like to help and can't physically, foods and treats are welcome. I'll be there - hope you will too!

Thursday morning Weight Loss Challenge starting soon at Ridgefield Wellness and Nutrition. Cost is $35.00 for 12 weeks, money given out in prizes, once a week class for education and group support, and a private one-on-one each week to help you address your personal goals and challenges. Have lots of fun and make it through the holidays in better shape. Information: Merrilee at 360-904-6019

Grandma K in her flannel nightgown and mobcap will give out candy to kids at Alcove Art Gallery on Saturday, October 30. Bring your family and walk around town that afternoon - most of the stores will have candy to pass out in honor of Hallowe'en.


invites interested members of the Ridgefield community to apply for membership on the Foundation's Board of Trustees. The Foundation is looking to expand its Board from six members to at least eight. The ideal Board member will be committed to the success of Ridgefield Public Schools, be able to support the Foundation's outreach, fundraising and program development activities and bring energy and enthusiasm to the Board's work.

If you are interested in joining the Foundation Board please send a brief letter outlining your interest in the Foundation, applicable skills and community involvement to Paul Lewis at Paul.Lewis@ridgefieldpsf.org no later than November 5, 2010. More information on the Foundation can be found at www.ridgefieldpsf.org. Paul Lewis, 360-904-1352.

Sydney Reisbick sent me this information about Interfacing Gently with the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. It brings up some ideas about protecting the birds that I never considered.


Lighting streets and buildings can kill and disorient birds and cause reproductive problems in amphibians. To avoid this we need the following codes:

1) Dark Sky street and building lighting code. The City of Ridgefield already has this built into its development code. The Port should continue that, especially since it will be the closest to the Refuge.
2) Code that requires decreasing decorative building lights during both spring and fall migration.
3) Code that specifically prohibits upward facing steady lights, including temporary celebratory or marketing lights. Steady "flood lights" are especially good at killing birds. Blinking lights are alright if they are off as many seconds as they are on and not used during migration.

Plate glass windows kill birds. To decrease bird strikes both City and Port should require anti-reflective construction. The best measure is use of non-reflective windows on buildings facing and at 90 degrees to the Refuge. There are also some mechanical ways of reducing reflection, such as overhanging structures on buildings that shade the windows, if this works well with the earthquake code.

Untreated storm water brings toxins, chemicals, silt, etc. to the Refuge. To protect wildlife, both City and Port should plan to direct storm water away from the Refuge, in general. This includes output to Gee Creek, which runs into the Refuge.

Humans are seen as predators by most wildlife. Our sudden noises and movements (including humans themselves, our pets and our machines, land and water-going) disrupt wildlife. A soft interface with the Refuge should include some vegetation screening between the developments and the Refuge, especially around Carty Lake and the south end of the Carty Unit.

PWT "Habitat" Loss Mediation

Thank you to the Port for clean ground, some of which will be green space. Thank you to the Port for the new osprey tower to replace osprey nesting sites on the buildings and machinery of PWT. Barn owl nests will be soon be destroyed along with old PWT buildings. Construction of some new replacement nests might already be in the plans. If so thank you for those as well.

Here's more info on the helicopter landing at the RHS Homecoming football game. Thanks, Superintendent Edgerly for thinking up this great idea!


Bill Burr, a local resident and professional pilot, delivered Ridgefield High School's mascot, the Spudder, and the game ball in Ridgefield homecoming football game via helicopter Oct. l.

Burr donated his time, his talent and his helicopter, named "High Mountain Air,' to the district free of charge after being contacted by his friend David Zimmerly, a Ridgefield resident.

"Superintendent Edgerly asked me if I knew anyone who might be able to air-deliver the game ball,' said Zimmerly. "I immediately knew Bill was exactly the person for the job.

Zimmerly's sons, Paul and Parker, rode in the helicopter to deliver the ball, with Parker, a freshman at Ridgefield High, dressed in the Spudder mascot costume. Paul graduated from Ridgefield High in 2006, the fourth generation of his family to graduate from Ridgefield.

The idea to have the game ball dropped off by an airplane or helicopter came from teacher Kim Allais and athletic director Debbie Bentler.

"When I heard about the idea, I immediately wanted to see if we could make it happen," said superintendent Art Edgerly. "The district is extremely grateful to Bill Burr for donating his time and talent to make this year's homecoming game extra special."

The Board of County Commissioners hearing on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan will be held Tuesday, November 23 at 10 am in the 6th floor hearing room of the Public Service Center building at 1300 Franklin Street in Vancouver. Attending this meeting might be of interest to you if you are a biker or walker. Information: Laurie Lebowsky, 397-2280 ext 4544, or laurie.lebowsky@clark.wa.gov.


Downtown Ridgefield merchants will host a "Thank you Ridgefield" shopping spree in Saturday, November 20. Mark the date on your calendar and help us start the holiday season with gusto! More information as we get closer to the date.

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