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City of Ridgefield, Washington Receives Award for Outstanding Wastewater Treatment Plant

Press Contact Information:
Kay Kammer, CFO/City Clerk
PH: 360.887.3557

Ridgefield, WA, June 30, 2006 For the second consecutive year, the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) has identified the City of Ridgefield Wastewater Treatment Plant for an "Outstanding Wastewater Treatment Plant" award for operations during the 2005 calendar year.

Of approximately 300 wastewater treatment plants, the City of Ridgefield's plant was among 46 that achieved full compliance with the discharge permits in 2005.

A June 22, 2006 letter from David Peeler, Water Quality Program Manager, stated "Ecology is impressed by the extraordinary level of effort you and your team demonstrated throughout 2005. The City of Ridgefield Wastewater Treatment Plant is run by dedicated operators whose efforts complement one another to ensure outstanding compliance and the protection of our state's water quality." Ecology will officially present the award at the July 27, 2006 City Council meeting.

"Our Public Works crew works very hard for our community. They are dedicated employees who truly care about the City and I am very proud of each and every one of them", said Mayor Gladys Doriot.

The City of Ridgefield recognizes the efforts and commitment of Justin Clary, Public Works Director, Steven Wall, City Engineer, Frederick Crippen, Supervisor, and all of the plant operators and commends them for a job well done.

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