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Ridgefield Asks for Residents' Input on Parks

Press Contact Information:
Kay Kammer, Communications Director/City Clerk
PH: 360.887.3557

Ridgefield, WA, February 3, 2006 - The City of Ridgefield recently kicked off a citywide parks master planning effort and wants to hear from community members about current and future parks and open space needs and priorities. This week, the City sent out two surveys an Adult Survey and a Youth Survey - to property owners in the city and also in the City current Urban Growth Area. The Adult Survey asks community members a series of questions including the importance of parks to the community, the types of parks people want to see developed, and how much residents are willing to spend to support parks. The Youth Survey asks for input from kids and young adults about what they want for parks in the City. The City has included a stamped return envelope with the surveys to further encourage citizens to fill the surveys out and return them to the City. In addition, the City has posted the Adult and Youth Surveys on its web site www.ci.ridgefield.wa.us for those persons who want to download a copy of the Surveys. The City is asking residents and youth to complete and return the Surveys as soon as possible so that the City can begin to assess the community's ideas and perspectives.

Kevin Snyder, Ridgefield Community Development Director, said: "Parks and open spaces are important components of a community's quality of life. In a growing community such as Ridgefield how the City operates existing parks and develops new parks will affect our community's quality of life. The Adult and Youth Park Surveys are great tools to get input from citizens about their ideas and expectations for existing and future parks and open spaces in the City of Ridgefield. We encourage all residents and youths to fill out the surveys and let us know their thoughts. The information we get from the surveys will be invaluable as we plan for existing and new parks and open spaces in the City of Ridgefield."

The City kicked off the City's Parks Master Plan Project in winter 2005 and is being assisted by MIG, Inc., a parks planning consultant hired by the City. The Ridgefield Parks Advisory Board is the main advisory body to the City Council on parks and open spaces issues and has taken a lead role in the Project. The City Council authorized the formation of a citizens advisory committee made up of a broad-based cross-section of residents and organizations to advise the Parks Advisory Board, City Council and City staff on the Project. Currently, the City is still seeking a youth representative and two citizens-at-large to serve on the citizens advisory committee. Interested persons should contact the City for more information.

The Project is intended to assist the City in identifying existing and future parks and open space needs throughout the community, addressing the types of parks and open space facilities that the City should plan for, assessing the different ways that the City can fund the development of parks and open spaces and analyzing possible improvements in the City's operation and maintenance of parks and open spaces. The Project is expected to be complete in late 2006. Following its completion, the City will use the information gathered from the Project to update the City's Parks Capital Facilities Plan which is a required plan that will guide the City in the prioritization and financing for future parks and open spaces.

For more information, please contact Eric Pennala, Special Projects Manager, City of Ridgefield, at 360.887.3557 or eric.pennala@ci.ridgefield.wa.us.

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The City of Ridgefield, incorporated in 1909, is a rapidly growing community located in northern Clark County, Washington approximately 10 miles north of Vancouver, Washington. Over the next 10 to 15 years, the City of Ridgefield expects to grow to a population of over 24,700 persons with an employment base of over 15,000 jobs. The City has adopted a Council-City Manager form of government. The City Manager acts as the chief executive officer of the City overseeing daily operations, annual budget development and implementation, and personnel. The City Manager works with a management team composed of the Director of Communications/City Clerk, Director of Finance and Administration, the Community Development Director, the Public Works Director and the Police Chief to insure that community services are provided and that the policy directives of the City Council are carried out in the most efficient manner possible.

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