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Allene Wodaege named Ridgefield Citizen of the Year
October 28, 2004
Photography by Noel Johnson. Click to enlarge.

Allene Wodaege was named Ridgefield Citizen of the year at the City Council meeting October 28, 2004. She has been involved in volunteering for community activities for over 48 years. This is not her first award. She was named one of eight Women of Achievement in Clark County for 1999. In 1986 Allene received an award from the Washington Department of Ecology for her volunteer work coordinating and organizing the elementary outdoor school. For her work with children, she received the PTA Golden Acorn award.

Along with other community leaders she was instrumental in the raising funds for the building of the Ridgefield Community Center. She is a founding member of the Friends of the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge. The Friends of the Refuge are responsible for the Ridgefield Birdfest yearly celebration.

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