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2002 4th of July Court
Photography by Noel Johnson. Click to enlarge.

Crystal Chandler
Click to enlargeCrystal is the daughter of Tim and Denise McMahon. She is 16 years old and has a GPA of 3.52. She will be a senior next year at Ridgefield High School where she is involved in activities including: soccer, wrestling manager, tennis and counseling at Frosh Camp. She is a member of the National Honor Society. She enjoys singing in the church Christmas Tree every year, as well as volunteering in the Lion's Club booth at the fair.

Crystal considers community involvement to be very important. "Being involved in your community not only shows concern, but also responsibility. Community involvement is a great way to give back to your community."

Amanda Farr
Click to enlargeAmanda is 15 years old and her GPA is 3.50. Her favorite sport is soccer. She is involved in the "All American Kids 4-H group" where she enjoys being a hostess, demonstrator model and cook. She also enjoys showing her pigs every year. She was a member of the Union Ridge PTA where she helped with fundraisers and baby-sat for them. Amanda believes that "community involvement is the backbone of any community. It is people working together, trying their best to have the best community they can have. Volunteering means people taking time out of their day to help others, not to get recognition, but from the goodness of their heart." Amanda is the daughter of Miles and Tami Farr.

Alyssa Graham
Click to enlargeAlyssa is 15 years old and her GPA is 3.925. She is the daughter of Dwight and Holly Graham. Activities that Alyssa enjoys are service projects, riding dirt bikes, riding horses, reading, art, hanging our with family and friends, and like most girls, she like to shop. She also likes to show her pigs each year in 4-H. Alyssa has held offices in many groups, including the JV Cheer Squad, Leo's Club, the Cracker Jacks Club and her church youth group. She has helped senior citizens and the homeless through service projects in her church. She has also volunteered to help the Lion's Club during their events. Alyssa believes that community involvement means "you are participating in activities in your local area, you help out with the events in your area, and you help the community become better and look nicer."

Melyssa Thompson
Click to enlargeMelyssa is the daughter of Tim and Stephanie Thompson. She is 16 years old and her GPA is 3.56. Melyssa enjoys ballet and lyrical jazz, playing the piano and flute, listening to music, reading, playing tennis and spending time with family and friends. She also loves to baby-sit. Melyssa has held leadership positions at church. She is a member of the Leo's Club and the National Honor Society. She has collected food, blankets, and jackets for the homeless people, cleared paths on the Kiwi Trail at the Ridgefield wildlife Refuge and she is active in the celebrations that are held here in Ridgefield. Community involvement means, "that you are willing, and positive about helping and serving your community. It is important to do your part to make your community a better place for it's citizens."

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