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Mission Statement

"To educate, develop, and promote a welcoming environment respectful of the cultural, historic, and natural resources of Downtown Woodland."

Our committee is following the guidelines from a nationwide program called..."Main Street U.S.A." "Main Street" is a philosophy, and a proven comprehensive approach to downtown commercial district revitalization. This approach has been implemented in over 1,600 cities and towns in 40 states across the nation with the help of the National Main Street Center and statewide downtown revitalization programs.

The success of the "Main Street" approach is based on its comprehensive nature. By carefully integrating four points into a practical downtown management strategy, a local "Main Street" program will produce fundamental changes in a community's economic base:

Organization involves building "Main Street" framework that is well represented by business and property owners, bankers, citizens, public officials, chamber of commerce, and other local economic development organizations. Everyone must work together to renew downtown. A strong organization provides the stability to build and maintain a long-term effort.

Goal: - Provide effective leadership in downtown and increase involvement in the program.

  1. Improve channels of communication.
  2. Develop a five-year plan.
  3. Get better overall community involvement.
  4. Structure committees to function efficiently.
  5. Research funding and encourage fundraising.
Chairperson: Tom Golik, President

Promotion creates excitement downtown. Street festivals, parades, retail events, and image development campaigns are some of the ways "Main Street" encourages customer traffic. Promotion involves marketing and enticing image to shoppers, investors and visitors.
Goal - Market a unified, quality image of the business district as the center of activities, goods, and services to retailers, shopper, investors and tourists.

  1. Market a positive image for Downtown.
  2. Encourage more local shopping.
  3. Continue and strengthen existing promotions.
  4. Develop an evaluation process for promotions.
  5. Expand distribution area of informational materials about Downtown.
Chairperson: Gwenda Hayes

Design enhances the attractiveness of the business district. Historic building rehabilitation, street and alley clean-up, colorful banners, landscaping, and lighting all improve the physical image of the downtown as a quality place to shop, work, walk, invest in, and live. Design improvements result in a reinvestment of public and private dollars to downtown.
Goal Encourage visual improvements in Downtown through designs compatible with the overall goals of the City of Woodland and the Board of Directors of Downtown Woodland Revitalization.

  1. Educate both members and the public about good design elements.
  2. Develop and begin implementing a plan for visual enhancements.
  3. Give input as needed into design review process.
  4. Identify and implement a program for needed public improvements.
Chairperson: Joy Haasl

Economic Restructuring involves analyzing current market forces to develop long-term solutions. Recruiting new businesses, creatively converting used space for new uses, and sharpening the competitiveness of "Main Streets" traditional merchants are examples of economic restructuring activities.
Goal Work to develop a market strategy that will result in an improved retail mix, a stronger tax base, increased investor confidence, and a stable role for the downtown as a major component of the city's economy.

  1. Promote new business and economic development.
  2. Expand downtown commercial zone.
  3. Collect lists of grants and be a resource for information and access to monies.
  4. Redirect truck traffic, a study of patterns.
  5. Address parking.
  6. Involve City Funding, Zones, Infrastructure.
  7. Building at lake (ie. Museum, Restaurant, etc.).
Chairperson: Dave Ripp

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