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2005 Planter's Days Princesses

By Gloria Loughry - The Lewis River Review - Woodland, WA

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Woodland Planter's Days 2005 Royal Court
Heather Preston    Jamie Olsen    Tricia Rohm

Photo by Noel Johnson
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Heather Preston
Heather has a lot of hobbies and activities. She enjoys playing many sports, including volleyball, golf, and basketball. She has been involved in volleyball for three years, and golf for one year. She balances all this activity by reading books, watching movies, and playing board games and card games with her grandmother and little brother.

She considers her talents to be a helper to those in need, being musical, athletic and being a good friend and counselor when needed. Heather has volunteered her time to many different organizations, one of which was participating in a mission to Mexico over a three year period. While in Mexico, she helped build seven homes and an orphanage and helped put together an evangelistic puppet team. She also helped run the sports and music at a Vacation Bible School and has been a children's counselor at a kid's camp for the past five years. She also runs the technology for the youth evening service at her church every Sunday and, when needed, volunteers at the church nursery. She also enjoys visiting the elderly at the Woodland Nursing Home and helping them in different ways.

Heather says that the Woodland community and surrounding area is important to her for a lot of reasons. In the late 1800s her great-great grandfather homesteaded a portion of land in the Woodland area where she and her family continue to live to this day. Currently there are four generations living on the original land, including her 96-year-old great grandmother. She says it's also very important to her because her grandparents, Floyd and Annie Chilton, met at Planter's Days 46 years ago. The upcoming Planter's Days in June 2005 will mark their 45th wedding anniversary, which gives a special meaning to her as well as to them.

Jamie Olsen
Jamie's family is somewhat new to town, having been here just short time, but Jamie's point of view is that Woodland means a new beginning for everyone.

Jamie has many interests and hobbies, ranging from dance, cheerleading, soccer, raising guide dogs for the blind, learning French, traveling, working out, singing, animals, church and racecar driving! Her hero (ine) is Lynn St. James with whom she has even had lunch and talked racing!

Jamie has been involved with dance since she was 4 years old. She has participated in soccer for 11 years and is active in many other groups, too. This is her first year in Leadership, the Prom Committee, and seminary. She has been involved in the Rotary Club for three years and has spent two years hosting foreign exchange students. When she was living in Oregon (she originally came from the Tigard, Oregon area) she was in the drum line and in marching for two years.

Jamie says that since she is new in Woodland, she hasn't quite had the chance to work on many projects here. In school, however, she's worked hard to include herself in Spirit Week and has spent many hours getting the student body involved as well as the Woodland community. She has started in Leadership class and says that the whole class works hard to try to make Woodland a better place, not just Woodland High School. And her Prom Committee group's efforts are aimed at having a prom this year unlike any other there's been prior. The biggest community project she has going right now is being involved in Guide Dogs for the Blind. Her current puppy, Rancho, attended the interviewing process for the selection of the Planter's Days Court and was a well-behaved example of her work. Jamie works to educate the community about these special helping pups and says that educating others and training the dogs is her way of expressing her true care for the community and gives her an avenue to make other's lives better. She dedicates many hours to their training and works to include them in the community.

Jamie says that Woodland means a new beginning for everyone. She feels that here, no one judges you on what you look like, just on what you do with yourself. This community is truly a family and she is glad to have been adopted into it. Coming from a larger city meant a lot of disconnection from the people around you whereas living here, you hear about someone's troubles and you want to go help them right away. She says that Woodland brings out the best in everyone and gets people together to help those in need—you get to know everyone personally.

Woodland's community watches out for everyone, says Jamie. Woodland is a place where you are able to care for and help people while watching out for them and setting a good example for others yourself. She admits that when she moved here, she didn't like it because it is such a small town but finds that that is what she's grown to love. "I love a community that will go out of its way to include you and make you feel comfortable, and that's what Woodland is all about." says Jamie.

Tricia Rohm
Tricia has a lot of interests and hobbies amongst which are reading, writing, baton, music, horses, mythology, and scrapbooking. She says she would love to travel and is planning on studying abroad in Europe during her college years.

Her family helped her when filling out the questionnaire for the Planter's Days judges by immediately calling out "singing" and "dancing" when it came to the "talents" question. She says she also feels she's good at her English and history classes and feels she seems to have a knack for scoring well on standardized tests such as the ITED and the PSAT, something her mother and grandmother take pride in bragging on.

This year, Tricia is the DECA Treasurer, having been involved in DECA for three years now. She qualified for State at the regional DECA competition last week (1/17-1/22) and now has a chance to compete at the State level in March. She's also an ASB officer, a School Board representative, and 'kind of act as a liaison between the school board and students', as she puts it. It's also her second year in Jazz Choir and in previous years she has been involved in the Dance Team (two years), Fastpitch softball (two years), 4-H (one year) and in Leadership Class (one year). She has also done volunteer activities at the local nursing home such as puzzles and balloon volleyball and has been a hostess at the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens as well.

Tricia says that she feels Woodland is a wonderful place to live because it isn't too big nor too small. A big city lacks the feeling of family that small towns possess, while a very small town might get a little monotonous after a while. Woodland manages to stay exciting, with easy access to I-5, without losing the small town atmosphere. She says it's wonderful to see how the community can come together, like on Make-a-Difference Day, or as during the flood of '96.

Tricia is excited and looking forward to her time with the Court and feels that an opportunity like this will be well worth the time and effort needed to participate.

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