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Mount St. Helens 'Crater Glacier View Climb' Offers View Like No Other

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Mount St. Helens 'Crater Glacier View Climb' Offers View Like No Other

Amboy, WA –The Mount St. Helens Institute is leading multiple guided trips this summer to an up-close view of Crater Glacier from a vantage point on the north side of Mount St. Helens.


The eight-mile hike begins at Windy Ridge and crosses the Pumice Plain - ground zero during the 1980 eruption and an area that has seen a remarkable resurgence of life in the past 35 years. Participants then climb to a vantage point at 5,300 feet with an eye-level, panoramic view of Crater Glacier, the lava domes formed during the 1980-1986 and 2004-2008 eruptive periods and spectacular Loowit Falls cascading out of the crater.

Along the way, Mount St. Helens Institute guides share natural history knowledge of the resilient landscape as participants enjoy views of nearby Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Spirit Lake, Mt. Margaret Backcountry and Goat Rocks Wilderness.

"The Crater Glacier View Climb offers a perspective from the opening of the horseshoe shaped crater and an experience like no other on Mount St. Helens. The view of glacier, lava domes and crater walls and will take your breath away," says Peter Frenzen, Mount St. Helens Monument Scientist. "Other than by helicopter, there is no better view of what’s happening inside the Mount St. Helens crater than this one", Frenzen adds.

Crater Glacier View Climbs are offered weekends from July 25th through September 12th. These climbs are available by guided trip only, the cost of this adventure is $195 ($145 is a tax-deductible donation). The Mount St. Helens Institute is proud to operate under a special use permit from the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

For more information and to sign up for this climb visit: