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Summer Activities, 2010
Welcome to the Mount St. Helens Institute's exciting line-up of summer activities.  Join us for a hands on field class with passionate instructors, a guided hike in the National Monument or maybe a guided climb to the summit. Whatever activity you choose, you're sure to learn something new and have a great time!
Volcano After Dark
Overnight Environmental Education for your Group
The Volcano After Dark program immerses groups of 15-30 in the ever-changing landscape of Mount St. Helens.  It's an enriching way for young people to learn about the outdoors and bond with each other in an environment that invites the use of all five senses.  The overnight program is geared towards youth ages 8-16 and will include hands-on science as well as a night hike, astronomy and geology experiments.  After a full afternoon of activities, guest will "campout" in the visitor center among the exhibits and in the shadows of Mount St. Helens.  Registration is available online.  For more information, click here.   
Field Classes
Explore the Mountain with the Experts
Since 2000, the Mount St. Helens Institute's field seminars have helped educate hundreds of people about the wild wonders of Mount St. Helens.  Seminars are taught by highly experienced instructors who are passionate about their topic and eager to share their knowledge with the public.  Seminars are open to all ages.  Youth under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Life on the Pumice Plain, July 23/24
  • Mount St. Helens Elk, July 31
  • Geology of the Blast Zone, August 7
  • Stargazer Spectacular, August 7/8
  • Photographing the Blast Zone, August 21
  • Geology of the Pumice Plain, September 11
Sign up for one or more of these fun and interesting classes.  To get more information and to register, click here. 
Guided Adventures
Climb the Mountain or Hike Magnificent Trails
Whether your interest is to summit the mountain or explore the surrounding landscape, we've got the opportunity for you.  Join us for a guided climb on Fridays or Saturdays this summer (hurry--they are filling fast!) or for a guided hike on Sundays.  Our trips are led by qualified guides who offer naturalist information along the way. 
Get more information for Guided Hikes or Guided Climbs.
Volunteer at the Institute
Opportunities for Everyone
Swear kids in as Junior Rangers.  Teach teenagers about stream quality.  Repair trails and facilities.  At the Mount St. Helens Institute, we rely on volunteers to help us share our enthusiasm for Mount St. Helens, to protect and enhance the environment and to support climbers and hikers on the trails.  You can help.  For information about volunteer opportunities, click here
Get to Know the Volcano in your Backyard

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