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Click to enlargeApril 19, 2014 - The Lelooska Foundation held their 2014 Fundraiser at the Lelooska Foundation on Saturday, April 19. It was a nice evening. The event was a great success as always. For more pictures, click here.

Click to enlargeTsungani, the younger brother of Lelooska and Patty Fawn, has taken over the duties formerly performed by Chief Lelooska. He is very adept at carving masks. They can be viewed and purchased at the Lelooska Cultural Center, 165 Merwin Village Road, Ariel, WA. Click here for pictures of some of the masks.

A 16' totem pole, carved in 1965 by Chief Lelooska, was moved from the Camas Business Center to the Camas Public Library, at 625 N.E. Fourth Ave, Camas, WA. for viewing by the general public. The dedication of the totem pole, in this new location, was held on February 19, 2005. The Lelooska Foundation was involved. For pictures of this event, click here.

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