Johnson Family History

Hello Noel,

We talked at the Amboy Quilt show last Sunday. Turns out I have found a considerable amount of information about your family lines: Johnson and LaMere (lLemire).

The LaMere family has had other people working on the genealogy and there is a considerable amount going way back through Quebec to Rouen, Normandie, France. Another branch the Martin family comes through Nova Scotia (the Acadia area was French) back to France. At some point I have to question where the information comes from because there is no documentation and you have to rely on others to have done good work.

With respect to the Johnson side, I was able to easily track through the census recornds back to your great grand father Thomas Johnson, born in Norway 1833, died in Wisconsin between 1920-1930. He married a Betsey ___?? who was born in WI 1845, died ?? in WI. They had 4 boys: John N., Neils, George, and Andrew C and 1 girl, Mariah. The children all born in WI. Andrew C is your grandfather. He was born about 1871 and married a Nora ___?. She was born in WI 1876. They had 4 girls -- Alice T, Mabel, Emma E, Violet M, and 2 boys -- Archie G and William Victor. All the children were born in WI. William V was born 7 Jan 1900 in WI and died 11 Apr 1974 in Multnomah Co. OR. He married Thelma A LaMere in 1920. She was born 15 Jul 1902 in WI and died 15 Feb 1997 in Clackamas Co., OR. I was able to find 5 of your brothers and sisters in the 1930 census. I also found Erling Gal Johson had died on the 3 Sept 1977 in Clackamas Co. OR, but did not find records on any of the others.

In the 1870 and 1880 census Thomas and Betsey Johnson are living in Blooming Grive, Dane Co. WI. He was a farmer. He was born in Norway, but she was born in WI. Her parents were born in Norway. Of their children I was able to find John was born 30 Nov 1867 in Buffalo Co. WI, George was born 1 Nov 1869, and Andrew was born 8 Jan 1870 Milwaukee Co. WI. I could not find birth dates for Neils or Mariah, but estimate Mariah 1877. Thomas was born about 1833 and Betsey about 1845. In 1930 George was living with brother Andrew and his family. George was still single. I doubt he married. I had little luck tracing John, Neils and Mariah.

Andrew C Johnson married Nora ___? about 1895 in WI. In 1910 they lived in McDonaldsville, Norman Co., WI and he was a farmer. By 1920 he was a merchant and operated a general store and lived at 122 Lindoo Ave., Ladysmith, Rusk Co. WI. In the 1930 Nora Johnson is still living on Lindoo Ave. She was widowed and living alone. They had 6 children. Alice Tressie was born about 1896; Archie G about 1897-8; Mabel about 1899; William 1900; Emma 21 Nov 1904 in Chippewa Co. WI, and Violet about 1907.

In 1930 William V was the owner and operator of a grocery store in Ladysmith, Rusk Co. WI and the family lived at 627 Second St. E. William and Thelmas married about 1920 in WI.

As mentioned above the LaMere family information is much more complex than an email. I can get you some of it if your are interested.


Kathy Geyer

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