Lewis River Relicensing

Up to 174 miles of habitat to be re-opened to salmon
Lewis River hydro-licensing parties sign pact benefiting fish, wildlife, recreation and communities

A wide-ranging settlement over 50 years recognized as good for the environment and the customers of PacifiCorp and Cowlitz PUD.

WOODLAND, Wash. A far-reaching relicensing plan for four Lewis River dams that will re-open up to 174 miles of potential salmon habitat, improve local flood management, boost recreational opportunities, and preserve the energy resources of the Lewis River in southwest Washington state was signed today by negotiators representing utilities, Native American tribes, federal and state resource agencies, three counties and environmental groups...click here to read more.

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Photography by Lois Schwennesen and Noel Johnson. Click to enlarge.

Lewis River Recreation Facilities Fee Agreement - November 22, 2004

As part of the alternative, collaborative approach to relicensing the hydroelectric projects on the Lewis River, the parties negotiated an agreement concerning the charging of fees at PacifiCorp's Lewis River Recreation Facilities and a fee agreement at PacifiCorp's undeveloped lands associated with Merwin, Yale and Swift No. 1 projects. For pictures and more information, click here.

Photography by Noel Johnson. Click to enlarge.

Lewis River Relicensing Settlement Agreement - November 30, 2004

On November 30, 2004 the parties entered into a Settlement Agreement concerning the Relicensing of the Lewis River Hydro Electric Projects.

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Photography by Noel Johnson. Click to enlarge.

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WDFW Lewis River Hydroelectric Projects Public Meeting.

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There was an early studies conference call in April 1999 and meetings such as the one pictured above were held periodically from 1999 to 2005.

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Introducing the Mediation Team:
Jim Reid, Lois Schwennesen and Kristi Wallis

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Click here for letter from Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

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