Noel Johnson Birds of the Owlsperch
May 29, 2004

Our covered front porch faces the south so the sun shines in on us when we sit there in the early spring. We have a bird feeder close so we can watch the birds. One day I noticed this pair of Juncos close to the porch. They seemed real excited and nervous so I looked to see what was bothering them. I was real surprised to discover that they had built a nest in a basket hanging from the wall with fake ivy in it. I realized it would be a perfect opportunity to document the egg laying and hatching so I took pictures on the day the first egg appeared. That was April 3, 2004. Each day for the next three days there was another egg. The fourth egg was laid April 6, 2004.

They all hatched on April 17, 2004. It only took 11 days from the day the last egg was laid until they all hatched. What a miracle. How can a complete bird develop that fast? After they were hatched we tried not to disturb them as we came and went. The nest was right by the door so every time we went in or out the adult birds would scold us.

On April 29 I was fortunate to be able to photograph them just before they all jumped out of the nest and scattered around the front porch and off the porch into my rose bushes. So it was only from April 2nd until April 29 that the eggs were laid, hatched and the babies were big enough to leave the nest. I hope they all grow up and build their own nests next year.

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