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First swallow March 18, 2012 - 8:22 a.m. 3/20/2012
We saw the first swallow flying over the bridge by the Oak Tree Restaurant. Only one. Hope a lot more show up soon. Really cold and wet lately

Noel Johnson - Woodland, WA

Our yard and garden - 9:27 a.m. 3/3/2012
Buttercrunch lettuce is up. Crocuses, primroses and tiny daffodils, are blooming. Tulips and large daffodils are up. First large Daffodils will probably bloom by next weekend. Planted peas, sweet peas, onion seeds and onion sets. Fertilized and put lime on the lawn. Planted grass seeds in circle where we dug up the Red Maple that we transplanted over in David's yard where we cut down the huge birch tree. Every thing is looking pretty good around here. We had up to nine geese in our yard. I finally got tired of the mess and started to chase them away. They haven't come back for a couple days. Lot's of birds at the feeders. I am hoping to get flickers to nest in my large bird house. They have been checking it out. The most fun is when we get this flock of about 20 bush tits to our feeder by the kitchen window. Sweetie gets up on her perch and we open the window so she can see and here the birds. She gets so excited she can hardly stand it. I love spring.

Noel Johnson - Woodland, WA

Swallows late. - 7:58 a.m. 4/19/2011
The first swallows came to our bird house on April 18, 2011. This is the latest they have ever been. I wish they could tell us all the stuff that happens to them when they go south. LOL!

Noel Johnson - Woodland, WA

John Heinz Wildlife Preserve - 11:46 a.m. 2/13/2011
Saw and photographed two bald eagles
perched on power poles, taking off, flying
and in the nest. Great shots!!!!

Joe Casey - Boothwyn, Pa

Rose breasted Grosbeak - 12:38 p.m. 10/8/2010
October 6th I noticed a new birs on our feeder, it was a rose breasted grosbeak. Beautiful, looks like it is a junior male.
We also have our usual ones:
Doves 40+
Blue Birds 20+
Humming birds 15+ (down from last yr.)
Yellow finches
brown thrasher
various sparrows and finches

we love seeing our birds all through out the year!!

Karen Hensley - Cartersville, Ga 30120

European Goldfinch - 3:43 p.m. 10/26/2009
We have a European Goldfinch visiting our backyard bird feeders these last few days. What a beautiful surprise! We have gotten a few photos too.

Mary Anderson - Vancouver, WA

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge - 9:57 a.m. 5/16/2009

Ridgefield NWR manages four sites, one in the Roth Unit and three on Bachelor Island. Although there are many martins to fully populate the gourds that are hung up each year, few find their way to the Auto Tour Route on the River “S.” Sometimes one or two can be seen on the Kiwa Trail. Keep your eyes open for these large, dark purple swallows.

This is Migration time. A number of unusual/rare sightings have been seen over the last month on the River “S” Unit. Following is a list of some of them: Blue-winged Teal, Redhead, Eared Grebe, American White Pelican, Black Swift, Nashville Warbler, Black-throated Gray Warbler, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, and Greater White-fronted Goose. Some of the other not-so-common birds seen were the Anna’s Hummingbird, Orange-crowned Warbler, Townsend’s Warbler, Wilson’s Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Peregrine Falcon, Vaux’s Swift, and Bullock’s Oriole.

This is a beautiful time at the refuge. Why don’t you come and enjoy that beauty?

Noel Johnson - Woodland, WA

Eagles Everywhere! - 10:02 p.m. 4/26/2009
Sitting out on the deck of Camano Island's Eagles Nest we saw Eagles fly by endlessly all day long. Sometimes pirching in the tree tops right out the cabin windows.

Matt - Camano Island, Wa

Lewis River Birds - 10:56 a.m. 12/20/2008
More birds today as the snow piles up. Total now 6 inches. We have Juncos, Chestnut Backed Chickadees, Black Headed Chickadees, Fox Sparrows, Song Sparrows, Varied Thrushes, a Kinglet, Scrub Jays, Stellar Jays, and even a Flicker. Yesterday there were three Eagles in one of our trees.

Noel Johnson - Woodland, WA

Birds in Gloucester/Wiltshire Area - 11:16 a.m. 1/17/2008
Eagle siting at the roundabout near great western hospital Swindon. Several eagle and owl sitings in cirencester.

Hope Piper - swindon

Viewing Bird Sighting Reports 1-10 (40 reports)

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